"I began taking lessons with Mandy in April 2013.  My goal was to learn to play classical Spanish guitar after not having even strummed a guitar in over 25 years.  She must love a good challenge, and so did I.  We kept a notebook of each weekly 1 hour lesson in my home.  As I became more confident we met every 2 weeks.  Note by note, string by string, finger by finger, and eventually song by song - she is a great teacher, very patient, and empathetic when the occasional frustration set in.  She selected just the right pieces to move me from one level to the next, and incorporating Spanish style pieces into the more traditional beginner guitar exercises and pieces.  A year and a half later I held my first ever guitar recital, 30 minutes of various pieces I had learned, at the age of 50!  I am hooked and believe I will continue to learn and play classical/Spanish guitar well into my retirement.  I was so inspired that I also began working on acoustic steel string guitar - folk and bluegrass styles!  I would highly recommend Mandy as a teacher who is very effective in her approach"
- Teresa McShane

Amanda's Teaching Philosophy

 The musical learning experience should be one that the student fully enjoys in a positive, nurturing environment. It is best for the student to be taught at his or her own pace, yet still be challenged. I help students develop a strong foundation in the fundamentals of music. This includes the ability to read music both melodically and rhythmically. I also believe in taking a student’s natural musical abilities and using that as a tool to guide the student in interpreting works of music. I love working with students of all ages!

Amanda has now started her new business: Mandy's Music Lessons located at Rose Studios in Milford, CT. Please visit Mandy's Music Lessons for more info!